Guys, on my last post, u ask me to show my modules.......Well, please give ur opinion about what kind of modules that i can use :) (BTW my nickname is BLUEBLOOD :D)



handsome title
change annihlation into nightfall
so you have enough weight to equip a phy leg to get more HP


Yeah,wanted to say the same.
Phys legs for even more health.But instead of adding a NightFall I think you should swap a heat engine to a Cooling Mass Booster.You’ll save weight and have more cooling (in this case,you’ll need more cooling than max heat,for you’ll still have 450+ when maxed)
However,you have a lot of heat but not so much energy.
That’s why I advice you change the modules instead of the weapons.Adding a NightFall would mean that your build would only have 1 energy-free weapon, instead 2 with the Annihilation.Like this,you’d keep a semi energy-free build,that would be more efficient with that amount of energy/regen.
Trust me,it’ll be better for your phys like this.You’ll still counter heat as a physical,you’ll have more chances against energy builds (Anni drains res a lot,so after you can use Mercy;even better if you are in range to use both your side weapons).
Other than that,it’s pretty damn good.


Well,you could so it as Rice said,but that would mean giving up against electricians to only specialise in fighting heaters and physers…