Guys, i officially... stay in the game

Greetings, Pilots
Whatever happens, I generally have mixed feelings about this patch. All your anger and rage is well grounded, but if you want to know my personal opinion, I really love the way the mechs look right now. Also, I believe that the fusion and transformation concept is awesome, I do not have to count on luck to get a myth, if I get a rare with a myth potential, that is fine. Now the downsides… As I predicted, all my myths were flushed to toilet. All the hard work - meant nothing. But I was prepared for this, and as I told you in some earlier posts, before the update we were is a sort of a dead season - not worth doing anything. So I just ground some coins and gathered tokens. And after the patch, I used these resources to built a strong mech, KEEPING REASONABLE ABOUT SPENDING AND COSTS. In this way now I have a pretty strong physical mech, which surely some of you already met on the battlefield. I hate what happened to our fully fused legacy mechs, but at the same time I am in love with my new mech. Now, I am stuck in two worlds, sort to speak…


Ahhh… A optimist Good

I’m usually optimist about games but this update is so bad that I’m rather pesssimist :confused:

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U must be a new player that didnt grind for 3 years. Or a non-spender who didnt spend absurd amounts of money for tokens


Hey dipstick… no sh*t, youll stick with the new update. IT HELPS NEW PLAYERS. Ffs.

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You can still fuse the items you used for the last 3 years can’t you? Maxing out new items can build a really op mech.

If only there wasn’t an absurd fusion cost :joy::confused:

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