Guys i need some information about this


So i saw a lot of people having this gun , it’s a top weapon , a physical one , here is an image image , So i was thinking if you guys could tell me the name of this weapon , And what is the best way to get it ?

  1. It’s called a Spartan Carnage
  2. It’s OP AF
  3. It’s l-m
  4. You won’t get it


I’m serious , how can i get it ?! , in the premium boxes or premium packs ??


i’m with him

but u can get it like any legy :slight_smile:


You can get it like any item with a transform range of Legendary-Myth, like Platinium Plating, the Protectors, Mercy, The orb top weapons (Mighty Canoon, Desert Snake, Spinefall), Valiant Sniper, the Scopes (Falcon, Flaming and Lightning), Greedy, Windforge, TerrorBlade, etc


Give me…


I only have one PP, and it’s not a spare ^^


You can get it like any other L-M item…duh


Don’t care… Give it!


Lol , I think the spartan carnage is the 2nd strongest physical top weapon , in the game , And the first one is Falcon , I guess ? LOL


Mercy is best of damage for all weapons (Excluding Scopey bois)


i was about to yell a quote from an unknown game :joy_cat:

I think I’ll stick with classic “Nope.” ^^


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Falcon is best in term of raw damage, but you can use it only in few cases, Spartan is more useful

and @Raining-Chaos, Mercy might have a good maximum damage, but it relies a lot on RNG…

To sum up, Spartan is the most powerful versatile weapon ^^


Spartan aint bad yeah. Confirmed


I agree

#22 hits about as hard as a NightFall,so it isn’t OP damage wise.
What makes it pretty OP is the range.A NightFall with medium-long range and with am Annihilation’s res drain for just +2 extra kgs.
It isn’t OP on its own.It’s OP when combined with,say,a set of SeraphBlades that cover for range 1 & 2 and even when dual weilded.