Guys i need help a girl just asked me out

When I was 13 the most expensive device I got was a Game Boy Color back when the GBA had just released.

This was considered lucky, all my friends were jealous.

Times change.

But yeah, my advice, is give everyone a chance. Experience life from all angles. Don’t lie to them, just be honest and tell them you’re not quite sure but dont mind figuring it out.

Worst case you learn a bit and have a new experience. Best case you learn a bit more and have a longer experience. Can’t go wrong, really…

If she’s older than 15 though, tell a parent.


if she older than 15, thats even hotter. age difference is great. i was into adults when i was 13-17. but everything else Alexander says is pretty accurate. experiment and get some experiences. hopefully if you get laid you won’t be getting so grossed out about every little thing like when @Misfit talks. you gonna need to grow up sometime. wouldnt be too bad if it happened sooner than later.


So…Did you reject her or did she change her mind and reject you in the end?


i like how those are the only possible options

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These would be his only real options from the moment he actually asked for dating tips on a SuperMechs forum…


this happened earlier… lmao

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I still have no clue how I found someone either.
While others keep asking what to do to get a gf I am here wondering what the ■■■■ is it that she sees in me.

.>girl asks him out on a date
.>“lemme ask the people in an online game im playing”
.>whips out his phone
.> girl: “ok i’ll wait”
.> girl stands there for few hours
.>“they told me women are inferior”


That’s exactly the case here!
Btw,did he ever make use our building advice?
Were you expecting him to be unto some real hooking after he asked for advice again?

guys i am going on a date on friday


nice nice. don’t put it in the wrong hole, my dude. trust me, im a doctor. that would make her not want to go on another date after this.

as one of my favorite rappers said, “life’s too short not to ■■■■ on a first date”. excuse my profane language. I’m quoting.

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no its fine i swear a lot

jk i actually got rejected

lmao. good man. how did that go?

it was messed up i screwed up big time

did u say something about SM?

Oh shit,I swear I knew it!
Don’t bother tho.Thing just happen.
At least you gained experience (and grew a pair of balls).

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no i did not i swear i never did i dont know what i did wrong

At least you have us,forumers.

Please,people,don’t flag my replies.