Guys i need help a girl just asked me out


i am just 13 i dont know what to do :confused:


Im 24 and still have never had a girlfriend. Pretty satisfied with myself.


but i have to get back to her by tomorrow and she is pretty hot


That depends on how you feel about her. Iโ€™ve been asked out several times before but rejected because i believe the guy should ask the girl out. Not the other way around. But if you like her and dont mind that she asked you out, go for it. Dont let it get in the way of your education or anything important tho.


is anyone else going to help me because i am going to meet her in 1 hour


Equality is a sham lol

Sexist Kaen :joy::joy::smirk::smirk::smirk:

Jk :heart:


I bet sheโ€™s 13 as well


yes @Winz_Kay dude why what age did you think she was


She is dude??? Did you get asked out by guy??? Are you gay?


Play supermechs and defend your virginity mate


Introduce her to Tyrone.


okay i fixed it chill


haha i am not kidding bruh


Well, its a fact that one gender is superior to the other gender (or other 87 genders if ur into that) but i cant go into anymore detail without getting banned.

Thats also the reason Iโ€™ve stayed single this long. Around when i was 18 i got this way of thinking and since then have not been able to find anyone close to my level of greatness.

@GenerationKill and @Misfit come close tho. And this one girl named Brenda.


why could not he say that :confused:


No reason


oh okay i dont know what to say tomorroe at school


go for it, buy her something to.
Just dont be cheesy though.


how about flowers i think what am i thinking i am to young for this


Would she be into flowers or something else?