Guys... i am about to do it again, Plz dont hate me, JK hate me all you want


, Well looks like i might end up trashing another claw, i am going to do it, you know how inpatient i am


You do this for attention. You fuse a couple parts everyone wants and brag about it. I hope your parents know their money goes to good use.


Trust me, it isnt there money, it is mine that i work for and yea i do like people knowing what i do to rare things


Why would you ever myth a reckless beam, especially using those good items???


Cause i have nothing better to do


He want attention, maybe his parents didn’t give him enough…


That is true, and i am a girl XD, and i have 2 yonger siblings that get all the atention, i am a 1 girl squad




If you need attention post something useful, really. That way you will really get attention of the forum members…


No, don’t trash the blazing legs, desolation, war hammer, or heat point… those are super hard to come by.~


Blazing legs only go to legendary soo…


You don’t understand sarcasm or jokes, do you.

My brother is an idiot.


yep…I agree


I am working on money, and i am keeping claw


good good…


If you really are a girl, sorry, i talk equal to everyone here :man_shrugging:


you are forgivin :smile:i am really hard to anger


But easy to get angry at


dude your money it’s not enough


i almost have 100k, and i made another legedary