GUIDE update soon?


hello devs…
when you gonna update the wiki guide?
i know the available items only from boxes, which is only a small portion of all the items possible
i want the full inventory of items, i want to know whats available to me


Keywords “Inventory Limit” :exclamation:

IF they WOULD publish a full list (they sure have one), it would IMMEDIATeLY show everybody, how ridiculous the Inventory Limit is :exclamation:

Available items … xxx

Inventory Limit … xxx

… still no long term solution :exclamation:


You wrote the keyword in the title: “soon”


te jatszottal H&G -t?
your name sounds familiar…


Nem, nem játszottam. Még nem is hallottam róla. :smiley:


:laughing: ok…my mistake…
de latod ez a jatek is romlik…


Community sale for very body so it would be fun for for most player!


So when is this Guide help update happening. It been forever. They just gonna leave it. How sad.