Guide to trolling a Scammer

I am going to set up this guide because I have seen many people getting scammed, and I just want people to have fun :wink:

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This one is quite to the point.
When a person asks for your account, just copy what they say. Simple as that.

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When someone asks for your account. Ask a question based on everything they say.
For example:
scammer: can we trade accounts
you: whats an account
scammer: the thing you use to play super mechs
you: what is super mechs
scammer: its the game you play
you: whats a game
scammer: you use the computer
you: whats a computer
and so on.


When he asks to trade accounts, you give him a username and password that is impossible to use.
For example:
scammer: hey lets trade accounts
you: ok
scammer: whats your username
you: oh my username
you: its username1234 but you have to type it in purple
scammer: what
you: and my password is :ok_hand::open_mouth::neutral_face::sunglasses::smiling_imp::speak_no_evil:
scammer: how
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Talk to another person

When a scammer asks you to trade his account, just tell that you are going to give the chat to someone else since they know more about trading or something.
And then just plain out tell them that they are scammers.
After that pretend this conversation didn’t happen.

I can nearly feel it!

This method just needs you to pretend you are going to tell them your password, but never actually do.
Just say that you will give them your password, but keep postponing or forgetting to do it.
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Feel free to use these methods a bit differently if you want.

If you have any other methods, I would appreciate if you told me about them, so I could put them in this guide. Thanks


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