Guide to Substandard Items


Welcome to the Guide to Substandard Weapons!

This guide details all the worthless (or less than good) items in the game. It draws upon the Maxed Mythicals Listing thread created by Andernut for stats, and on my own - and other player’s - experience for explanations. I hope you find this guide helpful and informative.

Note: All statistics given are for mythic maxed, without arena points.

Physical Weapons:

Reckless Beam

It’s pretty easy to understand why this physical top weapon is so bad. Its damage stats (188-283) are abysmal, and its range (4-8) is way outside the optimum range for physical builds. Its 35 kilo weight may be attractive, but you can use it for more useful things on your physicist.

Armor Anihilator

This relatively new weapon was a good idea, but it just didn’t pan out. Sure, 40 resistance drain for no cost is pretty neat, and its range (2-4) makes sense. But there’s two problems. First, this item spawns at legendary tier only, making it incredibly rare. Second, its almost nonexistent damage (39-52) means you actually lose damage, not gain it. It’ll take something like 8 hits (240 damage due to drain) on your opponent to make up the difference, and battles simply don’t last that long. So, stay away from this one - even if you have extra weight to spare. Its just not worth the loss of an action point.

Armor Dissolver

I honestly don’t even understand why this weapon exists. Its 62 heat cost is, to say the least, exorbitant. Its 3 knockback isn’t enough to make it useful; a physicist will simply grapple you straight back, and any other build will just pound you from extreme range instead. Do yourself a favor with this one and use it on your next mythical transformation… and if you really want 3 knockback, get a rare Repulsor and skip the extreme cost.


Like the Armor Annihilator, this is another weapon that makes sense in theory but just doesn’t work in practice. Its meant to be the 2-4 range counterpart of the annihilation with its lack of energy cost; however, its 163-213 damage simply doesn’t do the trick. It has no resist drain, and its 49 weight does it no favors. If you just can’t get good energy stats, just equip some utilities and bring your enemy closer instead.


Yet another weapon that joins the ranks of the ‘good in theory’ weapons, the Bloodweep’s intended purpose is to be an extreme drainer. And with 20 resist drain, it would fill that role… but its 147-209 damage is just too low. Add its 31/31 cost and its legendary+ spawn, and it should be a no-brainer why nobody uses this weapon in top tier matches.


The Sweetie, in all honesty, is one of those weapons that just makes no sense at all. Its weight, resist drain and cost are all fairly standard… but it also does 48 max energy damage. There is simply no reason for this stat - and it means its’ damage (169-256) is too low to be competitive. You’ll probably never get one since it spawns at legendary only, but if you do, don’t bother trying it out… it just doesn’t fit the physicist’s strategy.

Energy Weapons:


The Delerium is simply redundant. There’s no other way to describe it. Its stats are literally exactly the same as the Ultrabright side weapon, with the exception of range. Add in its extreme rarity as a legendary+ weapon, and one is prompted with the question… Why even bother?


This legendary+ version of the crazed repeater is an anachronism, to say the least. Its fairly stupid-sounding name means it has none of the coolness factor the crazed repeater could claim, and its stats are simply to blah to matter. 202-265 damage may seem good, until one realizes that electricians do most of their damage after drain - and without any max cap/energy regen stats to assist its 95 energy damage, the BigDaddy can’t cut it in that area. Add in its relatively small and useless range (1-2) and it’s easy to see why this weapon makes the list.


This admittedly awesome-looking sword is, unfortunately, a substandard weapon for energy types to use. Its energy damage of 103 is on the low side, although its its hp damage (193-311) helps… but let’s be honest, electricians get their real dps from drain damage, and this weapon won’t get you there as fast as most others. Additionally, its range (1-2, 1 pull at 2 range) makes it a terrible choice for most electricians. Even a -12 resist drain can’t keep this sword out of the list, and you’re best off keeping it off your mech.

Hot Flash

The counterpart to the Flaminator may seem more useful than its practically worthless counterpart, but appearances are deceiving here. Its 110 heat cost is death itself to use against anything but another electrician, and its 66 weight is quite heavy for an electric weapon. The ‘normal’ version of the Hot Flash, the Malice Beam, weighs 11 less, and you’re best off using this one instead. The ability to drain enemies after being drained yourself seems like a good thing, but the cost just isn’t worth it.

Heat Weapons:

Iron Frenzy

There’s no need to go into detail here, as the Iron Frenzy belongs in the same class as the Delerium energy weapon. With stats exactly matching the Dawnblaze (again, excepting range), and a legendary+ spawn, this weapon is not one you’ll want to use. Heaters, even more than Electricians, have no top weapon slots to spare, so save yours for something that actually pulls its own weight.

Desert Snake

This counterpart of the Mighty Cannon and Spinefall shares their problems. Its the least useless of all of them, since so few weapons do cooling damage, but since the advent of the Vandal Rage even this reason has been eliminated. Its heat cost is actually higher than its heat damage (pre-buff at least), and its high energy cost (for a heat weapon) means it’ll gather dust in your inventory, if you even choose to keep it at all. And don’t forget that it’s range is valiant sniper territory… not good for a energy-using weapon. I personally used this weapon for some time, and I can say that it did me no favors.


This beautiful weapon just doesn’t live up to its amazing sprite. Its 12 resist drain and 193-311 damage aren’t terrible, but its 1-2 range - with ‘pull’ at range 2 - makes it a heat weapon heaters can do without. And its low heat damage of 78 just doesn’t help. While it was once a weapon of terrible power, now it is a niche weapon, rarely used and even more rarely needed.

Chaos Bringer

This Legendary+ Headhunter makeover suffers from the same acute problems as the BigDaddy energy weapon. Its damage is relatively low, its unaugmented heat damage of 71 isn’t enough to justify its use, and its range slot of 1-2 makes it nearly unusable. Again, don’t bother using it, a Reckoning - or just about any other weapon - will serve you infinitely better.


This weapon is a little more substandard than most. While it’s attack stats are good - identical, in fact, to that of the Corrupt Light - it’s cost makes it worthless. No good heater will grudge the 47 heat cost of the CL, but 110 energy cost is enough to make anyone think twice. In short, stick with the CL, this weapon will only make your enemy’s job easier.



This drone may seem like a bargain, but in reality its more of a scam. Its 10 resistance drain is quite high, but its woeful lack of damage (72-117) has a lower maximum than the minimum damage of any other physical drone. Even 10 resistance drain can’t make up for that, nor can its 20 kilo weight. All things considered, a Void will always do more damage overall, and even a Dustmaker leaves this drone… in the dust.


Yet another physical drone with no real use. The Hurlbat’s damage is average, at 135-196, as is its cost and weight, but its extra stat - 6/6 cap damage - just doesn’t do anything for you. Successful physicists focus on resistance drain to get every extra bit of damage in that they can, and no matter how much you want it to, the match simply won’t last long enough for the cap damage to make any difference.


This heat drone is the least useless of any of the sub-standard drones, but it makes the list mainly for one HUGE fault: A 31 energy cost. This alone is enough to make any heater pale in horror, and its 55-90 damage doesn’t help at all. Sure, 58 heat damage isn’t bad, and neither is its 24 weight (half of the other drones), but it simply isn’t good enough to work in most situations. Add to that its Legendary+ spawn, and you’ve got a drone you’re better off not trying for.


Grave Diggers

These recently added legs may not be worthless, but they definitely have a hard time fitting with any build. The combo of physical-type and 2 knockback just doesn’t make sense - not in this galaxy, at least. No physicist worth his salt would want them, and their abysmal health - the lowest in the game - makes them even worse. Their weight is reasonable, and the melee damage (223-285) is actually pretty impressive, but they simply don’t fit the physical type. All in all, these legs are marginally useful for heaters (with their lack of non-premium close-range weapons), but that’s it.

Let the discussion begin! But before you start posting, please do two things:
A. Read through the entire weapon description. Chances are I might answer your points later on and save you the time of a post.
B. Please keep this appropriate and on-topic. This post is a compilation of my opinions and experience, and I do not claim to be all-knowing. If you disagree, feel free to say so and I will consider your reply. Who knows, I may even modify the list! :smile:

Wish list for a potential update

That is pretty much a topic for newbies.
It need’s to be pined in my opinion.


I thank you, kind sir. Hopefully it doesn’t get any longer…


Good idea for a topic, but Flaming Scope isn’t “useless”.


Maybe my original title was too harsh. I’ll edit it.

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I agree with most of this, except that now that 2v2 is the norm, I think all the ammo free weapons get “less useless,” due to sometimes using one mech a long time, you finish the opponent off with your ammo weapons and survive to face their next mech… at that point I am very grateful to have an ammo free spinefall loaded up when everything else is empty.


True enough. Although, my main build - which has one infinite, one three use, and 2 one-use weapons - has less ammo than most, and yet somehow it still works surprisingly well. And for Spinefall, I feel that its disadvantages still far outweigh its advantages (good damage and infinite ammo).


Well…let’s just focus about 1v1…It’s original.


Yea I agree, I am using Spinefall basically because I have only ever found 1 valiant sniper. I would swap it for a Valiant in a heartbeat if I could. However, I still find it useful over a Delerium. It does have a high cost but it hits so hard.


If you could make about troso and other sub’s item’s…
That will be better.


Cool! All trash in one topic. I think you forget heronmark and his electro analouge


Here… a head start:

Completely useless torso: Archimonde
Completely useless legs: Grave Diggers


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I love my sorrows and my swoop drone is perfect for my none energy mech fighter…
Many pieces listed are useless but not all… even flamescope has its usefulness…


Yep. That’s why I renamed it from ‘useless’ to ‘substandard’, seeing as how many of these could be used in a few situations.


Even when you don’t fire Flaming Scope it does its job- keeping your opponents out of the corners


@magicmech20 pretty good topic mate. Also very usefull for the newbies, but not for the reasons most might think.
Some of these useless weapons can, in very specific (and worked out) builds, be pretty usefull, even deadly. Obviously not all of them, but some.

Ill take my builds as exemples. I do use 2 of the listed items. Lets start with might canon. I use it on combination with (the very difficult to get) spartan. Spartan is range 3-6. Very good combination. On this build i also equiped a mercy and a nightfall. Result: i can land 2 shots every turn between range 0 and range 7. One shot for range 8; usefull vs scope users (coupled with cool down).

Second item; desert fury. My other build equips 2 o these, together with a dual nightfall and a mercy. From any perspective; weight, energy cons, heat generation, having a dual desert is equivalent to one spartan, one mighty or one night eagle. I only use these when my NFs are out of range, generating a res drain of 46 in one swoop. Once the 2 shots fired from the 2 guns, 86 res drain. In this circumstances, a hook + mercy + void can deal more than 900 dmgs. Not to mention that the shots from the deserts arent that low considering arena buffs.

So, unusual situation for a phys user, i land 2 shots per turn from range 0 to range 8 with my 2 builds and can face pretty much anything (save for double push heat). Im pretty happy with these, also happy to have unusual but still deadly builds.
To be honest, to make good use of these, you need to be loaded with good items beside; rollers, spartan, plat plate (weight wouldnt do otherwise), mass storages, plat hook etc…

So thats my story of “some can be (very) good in specific usages”.

My builds screenies are available in other topics for thos who want to see how it looks.