Guide to High Skill Weapons ⚔


Welcome to the Guide to High-Skill Weapons!

This guide details all the items in the game which I think are difficult to use effectively. It is the new edition to my Guide to Substandard Weapons, which has been rendered obsolete by events. It draws upon the Maxed Mythicals Listing thread created by Andernut for stats, and on my own - and other player’s - experience for explanations. I hope you find this guide helpful and informative.

Note: All statistics given are for mythic maxed, without arena points.

Physical Weapons:

Reckless Beam

With the latest rebalancing, the formerly useless Reckless Beam is now rather better. With about 40 additional damage (216-326), this weapon now has its own niche. It weighs 16 less than the Spartan Carnage, its much more popular counterpart, and costs 6 less. This weapon is best used by long-range phys builds which also use items such as the War Hammer, Terror Cry and new Long Ranger drone.

Desert Fury

This counterpart of the Valiant Sniper has been around a long time, and is better than its seemingly low stats might suggest. With low damage (154-224) and 4-8 range, it is rarely used, but with the new Long Ranger drone, plus the buffs to the Reckless Beam and Mighty Cannon, it can be a valuable part of any arsenal. With 23 resist drain and a relatively low cost (16/16), the Desert Fury can do some real work on those phys builds without Spartan Carnage. Just watch out for… Valiant Snipers.

Armor Anihilator

This item also got a slight buff in the latest rebalance. With an increased drain (45), its somewhat easier to catch up on lost damage, and with the Vest torsos popping up all over the place, it becomes a somewhat more attractive item to use. This weapon requires a large amount of health to be really effective, as it only contributes if you have a long time to beat on your opponent. Otherwise, its still a waste of 20 kilos.

Armor Dissolver

I honestly don’t even understand why this weapon exists. It just doesn’t have a niche. Its 62 heat cost is, to say the least, exorbitant. Its 3 knockback isn’t enough to make it useful; a physicist will simply grapple you straight back, and any other build will just pound you from extreme range instead. Do yourself a favor with this one and use it on your next mythical transformation… and if you really want 3 knockback, get a rare Repulsor and skip the extreme cost.


While TS did try to buff this basically unused weapon in the latest patch, its still nearly useless. Its damage (184-241) is just small, and it now has limited uses. Due to its light weight, it is possible to shoehorn it into an energy-free phys if you ever wanted to make such a thing. Chances are, though, you won’t.

War Hammer

With the introduction of the new phys ranged drones, this previously overlooked weapon now has an actual purpose. With good damage, a non-resist drain stat that might actually help once in a while, and the possibility of triple-magma burning shower mechs on the prowl, the war hammer might actually do some good if you use it right. Just make sure you pack some energy mods to deal with those valiant snipers.

Energy Weapons:


With the latest patch, Delerium got a much needed buff to make it something more than a different Ultrabright. With 10 resist drain and a reasonable damage output, this weapon isn’t a bad idea if you only have one valiant sniper. Or combine it with a spinefall for infinite long-range destruction… your pick.


This admittedly awesome-looking sword is a hard one to use… but do it right and you might just be impressed. This particular pointy metal stick synergizes well with the newly-buffed BigDaddy, as well as the Viking Hammer and Ash Creator. It has also seen use on hybrid phys builds designed to defeat energy trolls and other such counters. While you can’t count on it to win the battle for you, it’ll make powerful combos with other weapons that will definitely help you closer to victory.

Hot Flash

The counterpart to the Flaminator may seem more useful than its practically worthless counterpart, and it is. With the proliferation of energy trolls in the arena, this energy-free weapon gives said cancerous builds a chance against fellow energy mechs, albeit a small one. Rounded electricians can also equip it as insurance against counters, though this tends to backfire versus heaters due to its 110 heat cost. In summary, this weapon is a two-edged sword; it can do work but be aware of the cost.

Blizzard Dissolver

This cousin to the Armor Annihilator has the same advantages and disadvantages, with a few twists added to spice up the mix. Its zero cost makes it unexpectedly handy against other electric mechs, and a tanky electrician can make use of its 45 resistance drain… in time. In practice, electricians tend to rely on weapons such as the Face Shocker, Valiant Sniper and Bunker Shell for their resistance draining, but this E-M addition to the res drainer family has a place nonetheless.

Heat Weapons:

Iron Frenzy

There’s no need to go into detail here; this is still a weapon with little use, to say the least. With stats basically matching the Dawnblaze (again, excepting range and 2 less resist drain), and a legendary+ spawn, this weapon is not one you’ll want to use. Heaters, even more than Electricians, have no top weapon slots to spare, so save yours for something that actually pulls its own weight. If you do happen to have a free slot up there, though, its not so bad. At least not really.

Desert Snake

With the advent of the Burning Shower, this rarely used weapon has even less going for it. With a staggering 75/25 cost, and lacking the shower’s resist drain, this awesome-looking weapon is one rarely used. Although it does have a 12 weight advantage over the Shower, its generally only used if one does not have said Shower available.

Red Rain

This weapon is a victim of poor developer planning. It went through multiple revisions immediately after release, and the end product is barely usable. With only 2 uses, a ridiculous cost (30/81), and a hefty weight of 65 - not to mention the top slot requirement - the Red Rain is something of a joke. However, it does have uses, as its introduction officially makes heat the extreme face hugger class - even more than phys. If you’re looking to build a mech of this type and strategy, the Red Rain might just be what you want.


This beautiful weapon has recently become even better with the Chaos Bringer buff. With the proliferation of powerful R1 heat weapons - Chaos Bringer, Flaming Hammer, Terror Blade, Crimson Rapture - a well-thought heater can benefit quite a bit from this sweet looking sword. Just make sure you’re prepared for the phys heat counters.


This weapon is a little more substandard than most. While it’s attack stats are good - identical, in fact, to that of the Corrupt Light - it’s cost makes it very difficult to use. 110 energy per shot basically guarantees death versus electricians, but can mean quite a bit against fellow heaters and combined with the Heat Bomb. It also weighs 4 kilos less than the Corrupt Light, which is a nice little perk, to say the least.


All Scopes

Since all 3 scopes are more or less the same in terms of strategy, I’ve included them all in one section. The three scopes - Flaming Scope, Lightning Scope, and Falcon - are the highest damage items in the game, and the cause for much rage and spilling of salt. However, their constrictive range (8 only) makes them very difficult to use. In fact, its literally impossible to scope an enemy unless they let you. Basically, its quite easy to stay out of scope range if you pay attention. Any legs with movement make staying out of range easy, although this is somewhat more difficult with the Claw; however, utilities and swords (which move your mech) can help you out here. Getting shut down by a heater can also get you scoped, but careful heat management is normally enough to prevent this… unless you get countered. And let’s face it, if you’ve been countered, a scope is the least of your problems.

So how does one use a Scope? There are several strategies. Heaters can shut down their enemies, and Electricians can immobilize claw mechs (at least those without charge engines). Phys has none of these options, but this is made up for the fact that the Falcon is a very effective deterrent. Clever use of build strategy is another way to line up the shot; using your first mech to get your opponent into scoping position, and then scoping with the second mech once the first dies is a surprisingly effective strategy. I should know, I use it every day. :smile: Knockback drones and hammers are other effective tools.

Its also good to point out that a scope will always require movement before firing (unless you just got scoped yourself). Thus, the scope is actually 2 weapons combined into one, and its seemingly excessive damage becomes rather less so. Enemies with 2 range 8 weapons also have an advantage in this situation, as they can combo you with ease while you will be forced to close the range again.

In summary, Scopes are powerful but hard to use and nowhere near OP. I realize this statement will generate quite a bit of controversy, but that’s ok - discussion is good. Just remember to keep it polite in the comments, please :heart:



This drone may seem like a bargain, but in reality its more of a scam. Its 10 resistance drain is quite high, but its woeful lack of damage (72-117) has a lower maximum than the minimum damage of any other physical drone. Even 10 resistance drain can’t make up for that, and its 20 kilo weight doesn’t help much either. This greedy guts is really only useful when you’re short on weight; otherwise, use the Void.


Yet another physical drone with little use. Arguably useless, its lack of res drain denies it synergy with the phys class. In all my experience with SM, the only time I’ve seen it used by top players was when its 1 kilo weight difference was important. Case closed.


This drone belongs in a similar category with the Hurlbat. Granted, it has better damage stats than the Void, and for that reason its a tenable choice. But in reality, the lack of res drain is just a game breaker. If you wanna take my advice, go for (you guessed it) Void.

Short Ranger

This new addition has generated some controversy, as its essentially a Nightfall packed into an infinite package. Its 40 weight and increased (25/25) cost are drawbacks, and its 2-4 range is often cited as a big problem, but the fact remains that it doesn’t take much to utilize its OPness. Using it with the Claw is a risk, and the typical ‘shoot-whatever’ phys strategy doesn’t work well with this range-limited drone, but build in some range control and you’re pretty much set. While most forum posts concerning this drone seem to be more negative than not, this one makes my OP list for sure.

Long Ranger

The cousin to the Short Ranger is similar but much harder to use successfully. Comparable to an infinite Spartan Carnage, this drone has much the same advantages and drawbacks of the Short Ranger, with the exception of its range. 3-6 range - as opposed to 2-4 - means that its actually possible to deny your opponent use of this drone rather effectively. After all, you can build an effective face hugger with any class, and not just for use against this item. With proper building, this hard-hitting drone can do some real damage, but be prepared for competition.


This heat drone is the only one to use energy, and for that simple fact is the most difficult to use. However, its 22 kilo weight (half of any other heat drone) and extreme heat damage gives it a real use with boiler builds, especially those with Heat Bomb, Crimson Rapture and other such items. Don’t count on it to do much damage at the best of times, but if you’re looking to heat up your enemies then this is the drone for you. At least, if you can’t fit a Heat Point.


Grave Diggers

These recently added legs may not be worthless, but they definitely have a hard time fitting with any build. The combo of physical-type and 2 knockback just doesn’t make sense - not in this galaxy, at least. No physicist worth his salt would want them, and their abysmal health - the lowest in the game - makes them even worse. Their weight is reasonable, and the melee damage (223-285) is actually pretty impressive, but they simply don’t fit the physical type. All in all, these legs are marginally useful for phys with Long-Ranger drones, but that’s pretty much it.


Coming Soon!

Why are you looking here? I said it wasn’t ready yet.

Let the discussion begin! But before you start posting, please do two things:
A. Read through the entire weapon description. Chances are I might answer your points later on and save you the time of a post.
B. Please keep this appropriate and on-topic. This post is a compilation of my opinions and experience, and I do not claim to be all-knowing. If you disagree, feel free to say so and I will consider your reply. Who knows, I may even modify the list! :smile:


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i dont even need a lot of range control to use the short ranger… cuz the opponent always brings my mech in range lol


I’m thinking I may post examples of these weapons and strategies that I find in the arena. Hopefully this’ll add to the helpfulness of this topic, as well as keeping it relevant for my own selfish reasons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: feel free to post your own.


Guys, I just ran into a guy stupid enough to tp one away from scope range cuz he thought that I would have trouble with that range. Me: I walk forward on and kick his butt with lightning scope + energy break.


Just adding, AD doesn’t even have more uses than Repulsor…Same 2 uses…

Against phys too, your Boiler needs to cool down a way less, since most of the cost is taken in battteries…

Since it’s an infinite-use weapon, it can be used in a perma-heating cycle without increasing heater’s heat…


i dont have any skill

thats why i dont have any of these weapons/legs equipped

i need 200 iq i think