Guide for non mythical mech builds for new lvl 30 people


if you are new i will give you some tips and easy mech builds
1.if you dont have mythicals but you have many normal items this would be a good heat lvl 25-30 mech
This uses one fire guardian and fire stampede (legs and torso)
heat desolver (weapon)
heat penetrator mark ll and rear hit heat mark (top weapons)
adv. teleport mark 4,triple laser pointer,burning harpoon mark 2 (specials)
regen and cooldown module mark 2 (x2), regen and cooldownmark 2, energy and heat module 12
armor plating 10(x3)


Mech 2 (physical)
This mech uses :
Galaxus model a and canon feet (legs and torso)
demolisher mark ll x2 and rear hit (physical version)(weapons)
adv.teleport mk3 ,antares,adv.harpoon mark 3 (specials)
regeneration and cooldown module 1 and 2, heat module 11, bullet storage 10 ,armor plating 10 (x3) (Modules)


i did no energy mechs because i fused the items erlier in the game and the screen shot for my physical mech is wrong this is the original build as you see its got more hp and less heat capacity these mechs work rank 10-5 maybe even 4


here are the advantages and siadvantages of each mech
heat mech advantages has good cooling and damage averages 70 or 150-180 damage per turn can deal 65 heat every turn and has good regen (therefor energy mechs dont deal too much extra damage)

disadvantages low on hp and has range 2 blindspot and generates about 45 heat per turn

Physical mech stats

advantages its high on hp deals 75 damage average or 185-210 damage per turn if lucky and has no blindspot from range 1 to 6

disadvantage has low cooling and may run out of bullets


hey gus im sory if the images got in the way of build recipes but it was not intentional woops



this is the version with more hp and less capacity


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build I myself use in my arena rank 1 mech is Heat Orb Cannon + Twin Terminator R (common, range 2-4 knockback 1). Heat Orb is myphical, but it can be replaced with Rear Hit Heat Mark (legendary). Good thing in this build is that you are not defenceless at range 2-6 (and can push enemy towards range 4), and at range 3-5 can attack enemy twice while keeping same distance, also, only one top weapon slot is used allowing to also use other top weapon of player’s choice. Legs and torso are of player’s choice, too, but this build uses no ammo, so it is recommended to use torsos without built-in ammo and probably as much HP and resists as possible, to survive longer. Of drones, Evil Twin and Triple Laser Pointer are good.

alternatively, you could try Saurus Rifle + Rear Hit Mega Mark (both legendary), to do same thing with physical damage. Sadly, it seems best physical drones eat bullets. Also no electric damage alternative, cuz electric mechs don’t work properly unless energy damage per turn exceeds certain point.

but, no matter what. I would prefer for new player to try and think with their heads, instead of blindly following “guides”.

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@youandmemultiplayer Your Physical Mech didn’t got the physical Rear Hit

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How do you post pictures?


@ImmortalHunter you go on the windows button on bottom left and then you search snipping tool go to new and click the area you want then right click go to copy and do cntrl v on chat


I have a new heat mech it has heat desolver mark ll x2 and x3 armor plating 10 and one armor plating 8 or 9 apart from that there is no difference this mech has 672 hp and 105 cooling its got improved stats but it has only 1 weapon at range 4-6 ,


@TheDevil i know i had fused it a few days earlier


most heavy damage weapons of this game uses a 2-4 range.use 2 of those.
use one weapon with 1-4 range and 1-2 knock back and another with 4-6 range and one pull. this combination will continuously drag your enemy to the position where you want him.150+heat,150+energy
75+cooling,75+regeneration would be good.prefer energy shields over heat shields as regeneration does not take a move away