[GUIDE] First Tick


Hello, I’m Padexe.

I’ve been playing Battle Dawn for the better part of six years now, I’ve gone by names like The Punisher, Odin , and countless others throughout all the eras I have played.

This guide is just my general strategies for the first ticks of eras I play, feel free to provide your own strategies or comment on mine.

Note: This guide will be written based on two tick worlds.


So, your era just ended and you’re waiting for the next to start up. Ask yourself this question first;

Do I have enough tokens?

  • If the answer is no, here is an easy way to get a few hundred tokens to use on tick one.
    Make a brand new Battle Dawn account (If you want to keep your achievements, skip this) and join a world that is past tick 500 (That you do not already have a colony in) and place your colony.

Now, close out the tutorial and go to the alliances tab. There you will see the top alliances, click the Open button and join the highest ranked alliance you can.

Depending how high the alliance is, you can get a decent amount of tokens just from doing that (If you manage a top 10 alliance, you will receive 250 blue tokens, top 5 will yield 300)
Now go and repeat this process with the same account on Battle Galaxy.

This will allow you to start the era off with 400-600 Blue tokens on the very first tick.

Your position is up to you, I generally go for one of the corners.

Once you have placed your colony, skip the tutorial and follow these steps.

Step One
Get your Farm, Metal/Gold Mine, and Oil/Lumber buildings to level three. This will give you the ability to attack other players, outpost, and resource outpost.

Step Two
At this point you have 1,450 Metal left and 1,700 Oil. You now want to purchase the Barracks which will allow you to produce units. Do not build ANY units yet.

Step Three
Purchase a Light Metal Boost from the Boost Store. This should give you enough to complete the rest of this step.

Purchase the Beam Weapons, Explosive Weapons, and Damage Weapons Workships. (This will run you a total of 4,000 Metal and 1,750 Oil.)

Step Four
Now that you are able to attack and produce damage units, you are ready to start building your army.

Go to the unit production screen and start building an even amount of Armor and Damage units (However many you can afford at this point). Once you have them producing, go to the boost store and purchase the Small Workers Boost, and hurry the units you have made.

Step Five
Start building platoons with 1 Armor and 1 Damage unit each in them.

Once you have built these, launch them at the Resource Outposts near you, or any empty unshieled colonies you have near you. These will easily kill any spams that other players have sent at the Resource Outposts.


Thank you for writing a guide. :slight_smile:

One thing I’d like to suggest is including some social note, who to message etc.

The number one thing people seem to have problems with, is finding a decent team, doing diplomacy with anyone local who may form a threat etc!


I’m working on a second guide that will be a continuation of this one, based around your neighbors and telling you to beware of first tick alliances, as a lot of them end up failing.

Thank you for your post!



wazzup remember me?


Yeah from Fantasy right? @Chucky


wait are you OdinGOW?


just one thing.
dont hurry everything just what u need to capture resources around u.