Guess who got what?!?!


My first PP!!!

God I must rethink my whole line up!!!

Now I need another :stuck_out_tongue:


I am so happy for you dude… go wreck some physicals
avenge the death of heat mechs lol

@lordgorgon the end times are near for you


Now that you got one, you should buy more packs… some people seem to get multiple in a short period of time



can u cut me half of that plat plate


Your first PP? Wow I thought you were stackd with these


Nope… so it is amazing on how he is able to beat some top players

He has very good heat mechs…


i’m a bit jealous, but congrats mate :slight_smile:


Yeah gimme some time to max it… It gives me a chance to be top 10 more regularly …


Dang! Wow! About time, you got it! I’m really happy for you! A well deserved drop for you!
Grats man! :boom: :gift: :tada: :confetti_ball:

Regarding my last comments to you about the PP, I must apology for my erroneous comments. I swear, after you playing for years, I never would have thought you were ever going to get them!

Seriously, how many years to get one PP? By the way, how much experience do you have?


OMG!!!..I am so Happy for you!!!


I’ll be waiting to see what new mech you can come up with!!!


PP were introduced with reloaded… ( 18 months ago?)

But I’ve been playing for 3 years already


Dang! 18 months to get 1 PP! Talk about late bloomer!


Well, better late than never!

I must know, how much exp you’ve right now?


Exp like in lvl? Been 150 for a while now so I don’t care about xp


Dude!!& CONGRATS!!!



Not level, as in total amount of exp you have?


Reloaded was in August so 11 months ago…


Dang, that’s a long time still, almost a year for Rovolution’s PP.


Its been 10 months since I started playing this game… still rank 6

(Hopefully rank 4 once I myth my third mech… which will be able to crush the only thing that holds me back… those damn energies lol)


Dankmementos, you’re a phys. Isn’t it the other way around? You crush electricians. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They should be putty in your hands.