Guess the batle outcome


you win you know there is a thread for this

Old player found


Oh look… a legacy player…

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You literately stole @WinzKay’s idea


off topic but your heat and energy is bad lol how are u rank 7 with that? (you are energy free but the heat is really bad)

Could be because the weapons decreased heat cap?

Legacy items literally do jack dick in capacity drain and heat dmg lol

his stats have to be ass

I never played legacy :sweat_smile:

i’ve played legacy but i forgot most so i dont know

The better question is:

How can you use The Claw as legs and still have only 1361 max HP?

none of his stuff is mythed. Nor maxed

Rank 7 with…Those mechs???
No way!
Most of my myth mechs clanmates are rank 5 (for now)!

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Fml lol

its not my main mech its just a mech to toy around with people for fun


Old yet funky. Got dem Sarah approval lol