Guess that name!

What is this anime girl name??


Layla from mobile legend
And what is this girl name?


It’s not an anime,it’s from a mobile game.

I can’t believe you actually posted a pic of Linh.

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How do you know :v

Don’t ask…

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Google backward research?

No.It’s just that I kinda search on pinterest and I visit reddit from time to time and I see her.

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How the… !!!
She come from Vietnam HOW THE F*** CAN YOU SEE HER!!! We country are totally f***ing different!!!

What relevance does that inspire?

I browse on english.Reddit is universal,you know…

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We country drama really go that far…?
Not much Vietnamese people use reddit if you don’t know.

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On reddit,there is never anything that goes too far :slight_smile:

Fun fact,it was on an AQW reddit page when I first found out about her.Apparently,she play it.

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There are only more than 10 results!!!
Btw who is “she”?

Oh she’s from an anime!Oh shit,I know she’s a very loved character…Gimme a second.

She/he’s from Stein;s Gate,but I forgot her/his name.

I know it’s a trap,as well.

Close enough, btw thats my waifu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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I know… but I still love him!!!