Grinding for the appropriate rank


Rank 25-20- Second area, third mission.
Rank 20- 15- Third area. Mission before moss.
Rank 15- 13- Fifth area. Mission before boss
13- Rest- Final area, mission 6.
Tip: Use Hard or Insane.

Extra: If you can survive the next rank’s area, go for it! :smiley:


Rank 10 and up:
2v2 Big Boy


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Wait no. Inefficient fuel uses.


Actually, no. It takes 10 fuel to do and gives around 14000 gold. OD6 insane takes 7 fuel and gives around 8500 gold. If you do the math, 2v2 BB gives about 1400 gold per fuel while OD6 gives about 1200 gold per fuel.


Huh. I would still need a better mech.


Well, 2 better. (20 char)


I can use autopilot on it and beat it using only 1 mech. And also, I meant normal 2v2 big boy.


Oh. If I can beat normal BB can I beat 2v2 Normal?


Probably not. It’s a lot harder, but all you need is a phys mech with lots of health. You’re guaranteed to get at least 3 repair kits.


Hm… how is about 1800? With ~170 damage on average?


Nope. I survived with 2000+ health and 300-400 damage on average.


Well I have the same damage output as ~170 as stated before. And 2000 health


Not enough damage. If that’s the damage you are doing with your phys mech, you need to upgrade it.