Grim Reaper or Brutality torso

Hello Im newbie.
I have energy mech, which one is better for my mech? Grim Reaper or Brutality, im confused.


Grim energy. Simple as that


Brut is versatile not energy

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I upgraded legendary Grim to the max level. yesterday I get legendary Brut

Thank you @DarkWarrior


Physical mech, better use Interceptor, windigo, zarkares or brutality? My friend give me question. Unfortunately, idk :sweat_smile:

how you can write two characters only? I cant write emoticon or few characters

btw thx very much :smile:

Right now,Zarkares is the best torso for a physical build,however my Windigo also does it’s job very well.
Interceptor must be the 2nd worst torso after Archimonde so forget about it…Sad but true.
As for Brutality…
It was the best and most popular torso before Zarkares…Plus it gives the God Mode feeling from before the update so it takes a special spot it people’s hearts :)))).However,Brutality is not the best torso around anymore,we gotta admit it.
I’d say either Zarkares or Windigo,whichever one catches your eyes most.

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If you want to be a high hp energy mech, Brutality is a good choice.

Grim reaper is good for high energy mech, but your hp will suffer.

Do you want to beat physicals or other energy Mechs? Is really the question

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my friend give question to me, for he, he use naga torso

btw thanks man dubious

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It’s very hard to be good against all three types unless you have the best of the best gear. So good build strategy is to pick two types you will try to beat and then assume you will lose mostly to the other type

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Anyone have list status of max level torso? Maybe I need see for decided, Maybe i will choose Grim for my mech


two types? im confused hehehe

Wowww thanks dude :ok_hand:

Woww thx man, Zarkares, I dont have :frowning:

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