GREED is a terrible vice

Just logged on and received this:

While I have no intention of purchasing this 'ONE TIME OFFER", as far as I remember, in the previous patch it was 8700 tokens for the same price. Indeed, GREED, GREEED, GREEEEEEEEEEED. It is a terrible vice, and one of cardinal sins. Do you ever go to church, Tacticsoft? What is the explanation of this change? You got less money from veteran players and need to fat up your wallets? The patch proved itself less profitable? I am soooo curious of your response. Please react:
@Sarah247, @Mohadib.


That one time offer… comes evry hour :)))))…


I don’t really want to judge what pricing is greedy and what is fair, because players will always say some price is unfair…

but what I will say is 6,500 tokens is an absurd amount given that you can only spend them 75 tokens at a time. What a waste of time opening something like 86 premium boxes 1 at a time to go through 6500 tokens.

If we can have an exchange of 1000 tokens for 1.5m gold, why are premium boxes limited to literally only 1 choice of 1 item in 1 box?

I’d like to see 1 item for 75 tokens, and 5 items for 350 tokens, or 10 items for 500 tokens.

Give us a cool loot explosion package to spend that crazy 6500 credits on. Not this rubbish 1 at a time, usually going to be Epic anyways, item per box.

And show the percentage chance on the boxes, just like it used to be.

Being fair and straight with your customers is the best way to get them to hand over their hard earned money. Resorting to trickery and being annoying is a good way to trap people, but people who felt like they fell for a trap, well they aren’t going to fall for that trap ever again, are they?

Personally, even if I wanted to spend even more money on this game to buy 6500 tokens, I wouldn’t do it. 1 item per box and sitting through 87 boxes, no thanks.


Kongregate doesn’t even get these one-time offers, we have to pay the default price.

The sales on tokens only can be used by supermechs main site, the sales on boxes could be used by kongregate.