Great news about the Titan battles


If you want a token reward for Titan then it should be something like this:

Maximal reward of tokens for a player from Titan:
star level * 30 tokens
E.G.: 7star titan -> 7 * 30 = 210 tokens


  1. To unlock the token reward you must contribute at least 80% of the average ticket amount each member of a full 24 members guild would need to gather to unlock the titan. Exceptions: 1star + 2star titans have the token rewards unlocked by default.
    Calculation for unocking token rewards:
    Tickets to unlock = (Total tickets needed / 24) * 0.8

  2. To scale your token reward from the titan you need to deal damage to the titan.
    To get the full reward you need to deal 80% of the average damage needed for members in a full guild with 24 members.
    Full reward reached: Damage dealt by player >= (Titan max HP / 24) * 0.8
    The reward scales in steps of 10% of damage needed to get the full reward:
    0% - 9.9% damage of (Titan max HP / 24) * 0.8 = 0 tokens
    10% - 19.9% of (Titan max HP / 24) * 0.8 = 10% of token reward (e.g. 7star titan: 210 * 10% = 21 tokens)
    20% - 29.9% of (Titan max HP / 24) * 0.8 = 20% of token reward (e.g. 7star titan: 210 * 20% = 42 tokens)

    100%+ of (Titan max HP / 24) * 0.8 = 20% of token reward (e.g. 7star titan: 210 * 100% = 210 tokens)

  3. To obtain the reward:
    Titan must be defeated. (Kinda obvious. But better safe than sorry about not mentioning this.)

That might work.


is there…uhh… a tl;dr version?


Is that replying to me?



I can’t seem to muster up the effort in fully understanding that as I have just woken up and am still fuzzy


Here’s what is my first thought


Okay, in that case in simple more general terms:

  • Max token reward for a player should scale with titan star level.
  • For titans of 3stars and higher a member must contribute a certain amount of tokens to unlock the titan in order to qualify to get the token reward feature active for himself.
    The amount needed depends on the total amount of tickets needed.
  • The token reward for a player scales from 0 tokens to max token reward in 10 steps depending on the damage done by the player.
    The amount of damage needed for those steps depends on the max HP of the Titan.
    In my example it would be:
    • damage dealt by player = 3.3333…% of titan HP = full reward for the player.
  • To get reward Titan must be defeated by the guild.


I will not play actively for Titan until the gold rewards can make me satisfied(at least the gold can be X500,750 or 1000 the amount of clan coins)


You probably do not understand that titanium rewards are negligible! almost everyone who bought a prempack for titanium tokens received only an epic!
I remind you to buy a pre-pack for 2 months to collect Coins.


Well, that might change a bit if a token reward would be added.
Like up to 30 tokens for each star the titan has for each player collecting tickets and fighting the titan .
How much you get from the reward would depend on how much you helped in collecting tickets and fighting the titan.

With a 7 star titan that would be up to 210 tokens for every guild member if they help out.
So the rewards would become interesting then, right?


No, I already had a reward of 198 tokens. the one who took more damage received 200+
Do you offer this value to increase x3? then i agree )

Now there is a problem with complexity. we lost to four titans and are still on 6 stars

if earlier it was possible to kill 1 titan and lose to another and kill the next one again, now it turns into a month of defeats - 1 victory - month of defeat.


Thank you @Berserk40000 :bangbang: