Great news about the Titan battles


Hello everyone,
Starting from next Titan battle, every participant will also be rewarded with gold (X200 the amount of clan coins earned). We will continue to look for more ways to make Titan battles more fun and rewarding.
Have fun and go crash some Titans!


Sweet… :slight_smile:



Nice :smiley::slightly_smiling_face:


Eyy, Thanks Beserk!


Heyyo’ mate, that’s a great change there!

Thanksies mate.


Change in the right direction :exclamation:


Suggestion …

  • 2 tokens per battle vs Titans

(simular to Raid but only for the battles 2 tokens, not that much tokens as for the end result Raid)



yeah that’s it, it’s just crumbs for 48 h

it does not change anything


Not sure on the specific details but:

it’s not the addition we deserve, but the addition we needed.


I have a heron mark and a flaming maxed mitic hammer so I’ll test it on but we’re still on the 3 titan again so it’s going to take a lot to get the herd back


This is a big LOL.
No, your offer will not make me play Titan !!!

VS Madboy normal=)))


Great news.
Every little bit helps.

x200 is kinda low, please reconsider making it like x1000.
That would still amount to max 180 000 gold every 4 days, which is still not that much and at the same time a decent amount.


The maximum amount of coins I received was 198
this is 34,000 gold. tantamount to seasonal arena reward
I agree with you, titanium is still slag)


Amazing bro, good update :slight_smile:


Noticed the new feature
Yes, it’s a nice addition
When we farm tickets, we actually lose gold that we would have made farming MadBoy or OD6… this compensates for that to some degree

Now all you have to do is make Titan Shop purchases more worth it and add in some more variety :smiley:


Athough remember it’s just 200X amount of gold from Titan Coins, which is very small.

Ex :

Mhylow’s 39 Titan Coins * 200 = 7,800 Gold (as seen in the pic)

200 Titan Coins (pretty average in this clan) * 200 = 36,000




What is that update?!?
it is really terrible for us because the gold reward is not good enough
So i rather to play 2v2 madboy(the best farm) is fine


What is the problem to add to every mission some amount of keys? What the reason make our life more complicated? On my opinion better to remove campaign or make button - quick fight that will calculate pass you or fail… as far as I remember that feature was added into heroes of might and magic 3 - quick combat … but no, we shouldn’t have easy life … peasants should struggle…


Like as if they NUKE a mission or something :wink: :wink:


What about half the amount of token reward as you have clan coin reward? So if you manage to get 200 clan coin as reward, you get 100 tokens at end of titan?

  • Yah
  • Nah

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If that’s too big… then a quarter so 50 tokens

Even 25, i guess…

Please TS