Grave Diggers or Iron Boots?


Heya. I run mostly energy builds, but have been working on a physical build too, recently. I have a pair of Epic Iron Boots that I’m leveling up… but recently got a pair of L Grave Diggers from a box. So which are the better legs? If Iron Boots > Grave Diggers, I’ll just use up the Grave Diggers to myth something else.


GRAVE DIGGERS (123) 2 Jump 287 HP 223-285 PysDmg 2 Push
IRON BOOTS (138) 2 Jump 478 HP 163-213 PysDmg 1 Push

Iron boots… Btw you can find max stats of itens here:


iron b00ts all the way


Iron boots is better than grave diggers.


Iron Boots, especially for physical mech.


Grave diggers are useless for phys, as well as phys hammer.

Don’t see the reason of them being in the game


Well…maybe Gravy with Spartan could work…

and I remember always being fooled by the Hammer+Scope next turn, even if I take care…
Might be useful, but not as much as Iron Boots, I agree