Grave Diggers Conclusion: will dig graves for physical mechs!

Before I start,I’d like to say this about the portal itself…
It was extra hard this time.
Seriously,Insane tier features 1.1k hp tanks that do over 300 damage and have over 400 energy and heat caps??
I also got Ultra-Killed by a buggy!
Yeah…The portal was crazy…

Now,onto the item itself,Grave Diggers!


For a physical build,these legs are suicide!

A legendary pair of these legs have less hp than an epic pair of Iron Boots!

Physical builds are mostly range 1-2 mechs…
That being said,using these will break your primary combo as a physical (if you’re close range).
Also…These legs will also be the death of many other physical build…I can see electricians using these to counter the ONLY choice that physicals have after being drained…

They also do pretty good damage so…Goodbye physical opponent.

I also wanted to point out that they look kinda…bad on mechs but that’s just my opinion…Looked better just on paper…

So far,as a main physical user,I hate this update.
This will give most of us a pretty hard time as physical mains…
Yet another factor to screw us up!


I feel like these at max myth have around the same total HP as beasts. Maybe less given the weight, hopefully around 400-420. Would still be a viable set of legs.

They’re bloody badly positioned…


Maybe…The legs themselves are gorgeous…But the positioning and mostly the stats ruin them!

are the grave diggers better than iron boots

Not at all…If you’re a physical build,that is.

ok well then got it there states are very different why do the devlopers make super lame weapons

That’s exactly what I was saying.Look at your build!
It’s a range 1-2 majoritary…
This pair of boots will break your combos both if you use them or if someone else uses them on you!
As a physical build,they will not benefit you at all (unless you have another type of phys,but most are kinda ineficient by nature) as they have low health and that push value.However,they won’t only provide you no advantage in general,but give you a pretty big disadvantage if your opponent has them!

ok and thanks for the info

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The only way physicals could counter energy, through the annihilation, is not toast.
It will not affect damage heats, but it will affect physicals against energies
The new meta has arrived :confused:
Also they look awesome

Has anyone gotten it ar rare yet? i have it at epic

I’ve gotten a few at rare/epic. Really doesn’t look all that different. Hell more upgrade fod tho

wow i just noticed they do 2 knockback?



I’ve seen these legs before…somewhere


So like, has anyone maxed them out at all yet?

nope but very close super 1 more level

With me being a physical mech, this leg could be really useful when I’m using NF’s and the enemy is using Anni’s.

Will now digging grave after the daily bonus! <3