Grave Digger portal - Minions bug


What is this?!


Probably this isn’t a bug but intended.


Nope. If it was intended then the increased drain should be shown in the enemy’s weapon stats.
But there is the normal drain amount written there.
Also they cannot use non-existing items or change their stats to unreasonable values.
That would not be fair to the players.

If they want strong NPCs there then they can just give them top tier items like mythicals etc.
But they would not change the values of any item.


Happened a lot of times they changed datas but not visual part of it.

They can, it’s their game and that’s happened many times too.
There are example of it even in campaign.


Just saying, that hard/insane mode are just increased direct damage, energy drain and heat generation of weapons, and core stats…


Why do they not simply exchange the mech’s items with the higher rarities of it?
That way it would be easy to see, understand and accept rather than this…


This is intended - it works this way in campaign too. For example, insane difficulty enemy mechs do twice the heat damage they’re supposed to. Yes, its annoying that you can’t see correct stats, and yes, they should put the work in to make it better than this, but for now this is what we have.