Grave Digger portal is so bad

I got this from a silver box i bought it wasnt even from the portal :disappointed_relieved:


You will not be rude to me in any way lol, i’m only responsible for the sprite, everything else is Developers sided.

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I think that the legs are good for heat mechs with magma blast , and dual crimson raptures. The legs fit very well with that kinda build.

I would like to see those man with 1700 hp, I agree with you good way to eliminate the competition :slight_smile:

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Cant event do the portal on insane event though I have 2459 health with premium account :disappointed_relieved:

with heat you just turn them off

I know but I am a pys mech.
I will be working on my heat after i max my pys mech.

for me it good because i got heronmark on it. (pys mech)

I got my fair share of transform material tho…
The portal itself is hard but gave decent loot.
However,not the same about the main item of the portal…

Shit item…

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The legs look kind of akward on any torso.
The stats are…well let me put it this way… Some lvl 40 Legendary legs are better then them on myth lvl.
The utility, is very debatable.
I couldnt build any mech that would be decent using them.
Them as a sprite, like them,but the way they got straped on the torsos… i don’t.
The portal, is kinda of decent… to be polite about it.


It’s simple, it’s another good item for energy mech. And it’s not the same complaining, this are facts.