Gratz for this week tournament


Really proud to be up there with two players that I admire a lot! Respect to both of you @lordgorgon and @Se77en

Big thumbs up to Troll Fast too!!!


Congrats Trolls Fast :clap:


Congrats trolls XD good job guys,hope to see you more often in top 3 a great place for a great clan



Great leader, great clan, Great outcome!


Congratzi Mr Rovolution for outstanding work :smile:


I second that!


Awesome leader, awesome clan!
Glad to see him and Trolls fast finally get that medal!

History in the making :smiley:


Aaaaannnd I got you rank 1 :wink:


Congratulations to all Trolls Fast members! :smiley:


Congrats Trolls, I’ve enjoyed a number of our matches, happy to see you win a medal :slight_smile:


Congrats…! Good job troll fast…! I also enjoy battles vs. troll fast members. gg


I’m proud that tron joined rr and plays in a top clans, he was in mine for a bit but deserved better, hope u gonna get top 1 again this season :slight_smile:


Congrats Rov and Gorgon but a huge congrats to Trolls. Clan full of unselfish team players with a gracious leader . Also LLYL members being congratulatory is very classy. Looks good for that clan it’s gracious members and great leader over there . Congrats reign and htk too. All 4 top clans deserve respect .