Graphics Bugs/Glitches

Seems normal,right?
Look closer:

This looks like it’s been washed off.
Just a Reckoning,right?
Look at the reload mechanism them at the rest of the gun.
See how that mechanism has thin and perfectly straight lines while the rest are thick and little bit more blurred/pixelated?

Just an Interceptor Torso…But with 2 ghost holes in its face.

Just farming Ramboy.
Look at the resistance bar:
Same for the arena.
Opponent’s resistance is more pixelated.

Zarkares torso.
It has 2 different graphic bugs:
-Has a skin on the pc version and another skin on the mobile.
-Does not ‘‘close light’’.
Example:Remember when a Brutality torso got overheat,therefore thrown into a shutdown?
Eh,in the shutdown animation,the visor ‘‘closes the light’’.It appears darker (as if the light in the cabin would shut down) and light again after.
Zarkares doesn’t have this feature.
It’s ‘‘lighting’’ stays the same,shutdown or not.

Special thanks to GODZILLA for helping me out with the last pic.
As you can see,Zarkares doesn’t close the light while Brutality/God Mode does.
Don’t know if it’s a bug it was worth pointing out.

And last but not least,the super sword slash that happened on the portal from last month (or 2nd to last to ever happen):

There are many visual bugs (there are more but I don’t have the screenshots for them).
Might not change that much but they exist.
Plus,I have a thing for small details so I just had to make this thread :slight_smile:


holy… that reckoning mech is OP. If only they were mercys…


Especially against a close-range build like mine :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t wanna mess with that thing.

It’s gotta be a new meta, lol, i actually saw someone with 2 mercys and ne. I don’t think it works, but correct me if I am wrong

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I get it.
Mercy is energy-free,close range,does huge damage if you get the RNG right and it pushes if you need it.
But…Why would you need two of them :thinking: plus only one,3-uses puller?
Me neither,I doubt it would work…

with Night Eagle, maybe ^^

If you play on mobile graphics are lower

You just indirectly challenged me to analyse the build :laughing:
(I was going to do that anyways but I need an excuse :stuck_out_tongue:)
Here you go:

Weapon setup:

  • Dual Mercy’s (that have unlimited uses)
  • A Night Eagle (that comes with 3 uses)
  • A drone (most probably Void but negliged)
    -Indifferent base setup (any torso,any legs,whatever)


  • So,if you start at range 1,then you’re set.You can use Mercy twice (after you take your drone out,assuming the opponent doesn’t move/push instead).
  • For range 2,one Mercy hit that would push and therefore one Night Eagle Hit.
  • For range 3,the opposite.Pull then push.These 2 combos would only work 3 times as it only has 3 uses.
  • For range 4 and more,you’re screwed.Either jump,teleport,charge,grapple and use Mercy,or use Night Eagle then jump,teleport etc.
    • But noone would use the NE as a first,for it doesn’t drain resistance (and does mediocre damage compared to other weapons;understandable because of the lighter weight).
      Even so,a turn (that could mean up to around 350 damage) is lost.If this happens more than once then the entire battle is lost.


  • Weak against pushers.
  • Strong against close range/melee builds.
  • Semi energy-free (but won’t help since you push so you still have to jump/charge/grapple after all).
  • Weight issues so might not come with the best module setup…(Mercy-84kg O_o)
  • Aesthetic (beautiful yet pretty dumb,just like my ex :'D)


  • Not a very effective build overall.Has many restrictions.Better of not using it.
  • Doesn’t have a meta’s potential (as it was suggested previously).

You have great eyes, nicee

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They might be just some small details but they matter to me.

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Meta thing was a joke)

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I kick out bigboy!00 PM