Gotta hand it to Tacticsoft

For deranking the f*ck out of me. I managed to go from global rank 226 before the update to the low thousands after the update.

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Well we all did… i ended up in the 1200ish after the league ended.
It is just a paddle paddle back to the top.
And it is a good sistem, you want the league box reward… play.


I played before the update, now I kinda feel like giving up, because all my battling barely got me to 500th place last week.

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At least the rewards are basically the same. You get 3 epics at rank 5 and 10 also, so it’s only a matter of 65k-90k gold.

It’s the new and improved version of SM Whac-A-Mole
You gets to be tha Mole!

hmm how strange i seem to place 200th every week without doing much

what rank are you? i am in between rank 1-2

It’s tough for me paddling up to the top ranks again…

I keep encountering the same people and I have feeling we’re going around in circles.

I’d gain one or two stars… then lose three or four later. heh.

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Yep I encounter the same people a lot and jump ranks
And that’s in general after or before any update.