Got this from the day 21 login reward



I am happy for you.
But I kinda hate my life now…I never get s**t,not even the boxes I pay for…


That sucks i feel bad for you man


Fuse it away, then… :man_shrugging:



Yeh i dont care about resistance


Jelly over 9000 xD (Seriously I need a lot more defence.)
Jelly of 9000 xD (Seriously I need a lot more defence.)
Spelling check.
Grammar check.
Jelly (of Cross out) over 9000 xD (Seriously I need a lot more (Spell check)defense)


The good new is it is not myth plate


No i want a myth plate


LOL, myth HP plate doesn’t shine a light to the Protector. Seriously man, max it out and welcome to the big leagues.

Believe me, I thoroughly tested. But you MUST max it out. It is an essential item to make high rank easily.


Uhhh, i am jealous…


Congrats bro…I already have that…it seems like a useful module


yes it is pretty good


I read this somewhere in the forums…a lot of people wait a very very long time to get it just like the Platinum plating


Nice that is good for me


i never get good stuff from boxes :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


Max myth res is better than max myth hp plates.
Trust me. If you can afford 11 extra weight it is worth it.


Lucky one!

To it just me came out of good this,

the rest only trash to make mythical.


Congrats :b:ro


thanks man I want a plat plate and a mighty cannon now