Got my third E-M Module!

Energy is still my weakness but i may be able to get 85% heat with this. Also, what should I myth first?


my bad forgot the pic wow high mind

you should focus on hp (make your legs legendary) or heat mod, then you should be fine until you get energy mods

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okay thank you sah

any idea what to myth?

myth nightfall, that thing with the pvp boosts can do around 400+ damage per shot…


woof yessah that sounds like a good idea

yeah, and after that you should myth either annihilation or your torso

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Myth Priority

  • Torso
  • Legs
  • Nightfall
  • Annihilation
  • Mercy
  • Night Eagle

A MUST for your mecha

  • Platinum Plating (Hardest Module to get… Technically it’s a Plate)
  • Zarkares (or not, Depends on you)
  • Claw (Hardest Legs to get)
  • Energy Engines (A E-M Elec Module, A Must have)

Tips from a Mediocre Phys build main

  • Always have a way to get close
  • Always have a way to fight, Even without Energy
  • Always have High resistance From phys to elec
  • Always have high cooling and high caps
  • And of course, Always blame lag if you lose

Thank you mate thats extremely informative you rock

It’s alright, I really like to help people that has (Better stuff so that gives them a better chance of getting to rank 1) a really good head start a helping hand, Ask anyone else, Though if you really need some help ask Lord Gorgon, He’s a Phys main, Better than me XD

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Lol. Thats some good insights.

Serious note: new comers tend to neglect resistance. As @0ld_Supermechs_User mentions, favor high resistance, over one more plate (especially vs phys). If you cant get the myth ones, individual epic ones are still usefull. (Myth or not, the elec one is the least usefull)


Why would you max annihilation before mercy?

Very true.
Actually, why would you equip both? NE, NF and mercy is a pretty good combo.

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I see two e-m modules where is third

Cause why not, Also no knockback, Which favors me but everyone has their own combo, Their own weapons and their own opinion, mines is which Knockback is useful if I have one more use on my Annihilation Thus, I want a Mercy for my anti Elec

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L-M is better…

But still…nice.

because my elec is trash and i am constantly drained