Got a legendary from mix box, you can all stop talking shite now

right, next person to say “in practice you will never get a legendary from big boy anymore” I will just reffer to this thread.


Hmmm looks photoshopped, Its against all universal laws that supermechs would actually have a legendary in big boy :yum:

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Lel because you get one legendary from mix boxe you do the strongt, you are just ultra lucky, there must be less than 1% chance to have a legendary from mix boxe, get another one and we will talk about it again. in practice you will never get a legendary from big boy anymore, i say it and?

it’s supposed to be a low chance, this post was just a little reality check for all those who claimed it couldn’t happen.

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Yeah, I can fake things too, if you want, I can get you a faked screenshot, @Misfit is maybe lying, but he is an adorable person, so stop crying.

I think muhammed was joking, either that or he’s a bigger conspiracy nut than Wepwawet.

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Ikr one legendary it’s good…but with one itme u can’t build a mech … :slight_smile:

well considering my first day of actually going full grind mode I got one I expect you could get about 3 or 4 in a full week properly grinding. be interesting to see how long untill the next drop.

I got the electric defense legendary (SuperCharge Protector) out of the box last night, so Misfit is right, you can get legendaries.

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@Wepwawet I can sense a flame war… Grab your popcorn, everyone! :popcorn:


Don’t believe… I am one of those who makes a lot of noise because the hand comes soft. When the hand comes very hard, I need silence to think. After yes, Troy burns.

But you would never get bored with me …

I’ve been playing BB for 2 days now, 20-25 battle, and 0 Epics! Not even a single epics till now!!