Google Classroom


Who here has heard of or is in a google classroom. I am thinking about making one for super mechs. Everybody is invited. The google classroom code is zmizo6

The name of the classroom is super mechs but we can pick a different name


Why would you use a school software, which has a focus on making assignments with a due date, to have a server for a game?

If you want to chat, use discord.


Lol, that’s just hilarious.


I don’t see how that’s funny…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bro, I remember what u emailed me about the stuff I wanted in super mechs :stuck_out_tongue:




:frowning: GIVE ME IT :sleepy:


U like?..

Come and get it :smirk:


I am fed up ::::::::


It’s funny because all anyone simply has to do is chat on the forum, or Discord like dankmementos mentioned.


Really? Do u think dat?


Come and get it <——Click me


God you are annoying


Lol, sorry


More proof that rc1 is a robot


dankmementos, what on earth are you talking about?


It might be the way you word things whenever you are saying something is funny… it makes you sound like a robot!
For example, in the past…

“Haha! I find that very amusing. However I cannot condone what you said”

Lol, that is hilarious at a normal statement


Maybe you need to reread what I said. I think you might be taking my comments out of context. :man_shrugging: