Goodbye--Item Limits, Grind

I will not be playing SuperMechs or buying anything else in this game after the recent update. 2 reasons:

  1. 100-item limit reduces tactical options

  2. Grind has become insanely long

The grind … seriously, I feel so bad for the new players. You were pretty generous before this update, perhaps too generous. But now the crates are only dropping 2-3 items, and I’ve never seen so much as an epic. What new player will ever stand a chance against my mythic body? The balance gap is ridiculous. I have 20 resist to everything, no newer player will ever be able to compete with me.

For me personally, the dailies take to long for me to even bother with.

If you really think making the grind this ludicrously long is in your interest, at least bring the item limit back to 400. It’s not costing you any money to allow players more options when building their mechs.



It’s been more than 2 weeks after the update and NOW you’re complaining?

I like how his name is ‘neverquit’


I mean yeah but you can still do stuff

What about “veteran” players’ years of playtime that went wasted? :cry:

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