GOOD NEWS!, at least, some of it! And poll for 2x epics

I am happy to inform you that the commercials after the BB mission on Android devices are back. This means additional 2.5k gold added to the loot. Is this the sign of reverting to the earlier status quo? Thanks, Tacticsoft, for this small change, but you need to do couple of more. Thank you, @Sarah247, thank you, @Mohadib, for returning the additional source of income, but you simply must bring back the two epics after the Big Boy mission. Here is the poll:

  • 2 epic items after the Big Boy mission is simply a must! No other option can balance the gameplay now.
  • Nah, I do not care about any myths, so I do not give a dime about epics. I may stay with commons as well.

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or atleast 1 epic and a 5% legendary chance


You dream to much !



To complete bigboy on normal you need to have suffered through hell. Sure, once you get legendary equipment, farming for items on bigboy would be too easy on normal - hence we have other difficulties - with better reward.

But if bigboy gives out the same reward on all difficulties and no chance (or a too tiny chance) of epics… that is too unfair.

Hey, we aren’t asking for 2 legendaries or 1 mythical drop… we still end up grinding for materials to build those from bigboy loot.

2 epics might be too much, but. I agree for 1 epic in normal mode and maybe 1 epic with a chancefor either 2epicz or , 1 legendary in insane mode. After all they cant just give out all the stuff for free.


@jomz, you don’t even know that you are absolutely correct about this figure. I can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM, THAT BB MISSION ON HARD YIELDS EXACTLY 0% CHANCE OF EPIC NOW. Ever since the change in boxes I keep clearing BB, and after what, 3 days, and I guess about 15 missions I still did not receive A SINGLE EPIC from the box. And from other boxes I got literally 1 EPIC TICKET. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE RELOADED PATCH I STARTED CRAFTING AN EPIC FROM RARES…

Don’t know why u even bother with BB, i would rather watch paint dry, then farm the campaign.

What is the alternative, El_Metre? I already farmed over 500 k gold, and since I am out of any items to burn, I desperately need tickets from boxes. What shall I do?

Here are the options i use: wallet, take out credit card, wait for special offer to pop… in workshop or campaign, and take it…boom you now have epics and maybe 5-10 legendaries to play with.
2.Or close computer, get put tonight, get some fancy food, some drinks, some dancing, some hook up… boom, only 50 dollars spent, i eat well, drink some nice wine, meet a cute girl…
3. Spend 2-10h/day to get items and gold to fuse pixel wepons and modules… to get whoped by OP wepons… in a game that lacks any cognitive skills… push button, kill noob…
4. play a real sport, basketball, football, tennis, hit the gym, practice MMA, read a book, learn a new language, pick up a hobby… i recently picked up blacksmithing… not yet “forged in fire” champion… but i dent the steel…into a… almost straight piece of sharp steel that can cut stuff :slight_smile:


You made my day, El_Metre. Awesome comment, awesome sense of humour. I wish we could meet in real life for grinding a couple of beers! I bet this would be awesome grind! And then we could get some mythical hangover!:smile:

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Another option:
5. Take someone else’s wallet and throw it to the screen. :slight_smile:

Im 100% sure that at least 50% of Supermech players are kids or Teenagers,
So they can’t even do all of that :confused:

I can though :smiley:

well those of us that can do that…we should defenetly do it… a getthoghether and do an instance, like in WoW… only this time at a bar… with evrybody having a certain role…healer, tanker, assasin, DPs-er…we must kill the bar… drain damage only :))

I can do the tanker role :grin:, last time I tanked a lot, but then, unfortunately suffered from a massive energy drain…To make matters worse, my healer refused to help me, got angry and I had to sleep on the couch…



I got this just now, but this is the first time this happened to me… 2 epics after bigboy mission
(im guessing this is rare to even happen) @Mordulec @El_Metre @ImmortalHunter @bestplayerintheworld

are you kidding me?? :confused:

You better not be trolling. If it is rare, congrats for having really good luck.

To Bigboy! :astonished:

-edit- what difficulty is this?

Normal but it may cost 10 tokens if you die… @jomz

Guys, farm BB as much as possible. Tacticsoft upgraded the box. Just landed 1 epic and 2 rares in the first box. @Sarah247, @Mohadib, thank you for reading our posts. Keep up the good work and improve the gameplay!


I can survive hard mode in bigboy if I am lucky with the repair kit and bigboy does not attack too much.

But I usually farm in normal. It’s easy enough for my almost all-legendary mech…

That is why I need to farm epics to craft mythicals.

Funny, I got exactly the same combinations in my two boxes. And now, after 3 boxes in a row, no epic. So I guess the things got back to (awful) normal…

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