Good Mythical set?


Would this be considered an effective use of three mythical items that I have?


you dont need to fill all your weapon slots, those weapons are just a mess together.

repair drone and diamond shell is a good match so keep it but ditch the majority of those weapons for smaller set of weapons which compliment eachother well.

I’d say ditch the red rain, keep the orb and get a rear hit heat and a side wepon with knockback

EDIT: if you really want to use some amo weapons I dont recomend using a load of bullet and a load of rocket weapons, you’re going to be sacraficing a lot of mod space for amo. it can sometimes work but it needs to be really well thought out.


Your cooling has to be above 100, no exceptions. Find a way to get it up there.


ditching the bullet weapons and freeing that mod slot would be a good start


looking at those stats it seems like you didnt fill all your module slots which you definitely need to do


A r kidding mi M8? Bruh! Not 100+, it s needs to be 120+ cooling! Even in beta!


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