Good Missions To Grind? (Message Me) Happy Holidays 🦃

I haven’t been grinding mission as much as I use too.
Does anyone know any decent missions to grind and get boxes from? (Good Drops)
Message me please :ok_hand:

Best ones are Ramboy on Insane (for items), Big Boy on Hard or Insane (if you have a lot of time and want both gold and items) and the 3rd to last mission if you just need gold. Personally I’ve been running Ramboy a lot lately since gold is easy to get from daily quests.

It seems to still be changing every couple days, some days it’s ok others it sux. Seem to be getting NO boxes at times then get a few ok boxes.

You get Fortune boxes on all just have to play enough missions to get 1, sometimes 1st try other times 20-40th try. BIGBOY still has the best amount of gold for the fuel used plus you get boxes when it coughs them up like all missions now.

NERFAHOLICS nothing to be seen here, move on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Blex any idea how n where i can acquire Energy engines. Im using phy mech. Do i need to use energy mech to get energy engines from campaign?

Yea I agree with you my mech is heat and physical and i seem to get heat and physical stuff,
I think the only decent stuff I get is when openinx token boxes

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Unless they’re having a special event, all Epic items simply drop at random. Just have to luck out from boxes and missions.

I always had an EXP bot (Heat) and up until a month ago when I could’t see my boxes anymore I was always getting ELE stuff which suked beings I hate ELE bots. Especially was getting Energy Engine from EPIC drops I have 10 of them but was only able to get 1 heat engine so far so I don’t think it matters what type of bot you have unless they have once again changed things but I doubt it. You basically get what you get.

We need another UN NERFED Unicorny Portal that had some good stuff in it.

Which mission gave you most enrgy engine’s ?ramboy drop heat engines if you want some

It was BIGBOY I was getting good stuff at the time but NERFAHOLICS puked all over it making him low level now except when you get lucky once and a while.

The next portal may be a good one if we’re lucky but until then stick with ramboy.

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I had such a bad experience with bigboy may be there was a time when game analyse not in inventory thing But not anymore. Big boy mission takes time n more fuel but when we complete it just run away empty without reward thats heartburn. So i never played against bigboy anymore.


I’ve been having a good experience with boss 1 on insane. Very easy to defeat (I’m playing for about 2 weeks) and drops the occasional fortune box, I got quite a few epics from it.

Since the BALISTIC NERF there is NO good missions to grind in this SuperPayMech game, and you are F2P gammer? u should stop right here right now

Sorry for the spam :sweat_smile:

farm ramboy in normal I think it’s the best way for items

They mentioned that insane has a better drop rate. I think Ramboy on insane is the way to go.