Good Free Adblocker?

Can someone recommend to me a reliable and free ad blocker? I’m tired of auto-farming getting interrupted by one or two ads every time I grind.

For what browser???

I use the pc version of SM, does adblockers still work?

The dowloaded app, no add block does not work.

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I don’t really need a browser extension, what I need is a ad blocker that also works for applications.

Ok then, thanks anyway for telling me.

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What ads? :laughing:

Joking aside, try this extension:


I’ve yet to receive unwanted ads during farming.

If anything, it doesn’t hurt to try. That’s a good lesson in life.

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Does it also works for apps? And can you send me a link to it?

For the Android app, I use Pure Web Browser. Here’s the link:


I always have ad blocker on my PC, so I never got ads while farming.

As for my phone, I didn’t have ad blocker on it, yet I never got ads while farming. I only recently installed ad blocker because of the crazy amount of ads from YouTube.

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