Good farming levels/zones?

welI i need to know about good levels/zones to do farming since I want to get xp, money and obviously some items for boosts, someone knows some good levels/zones?

Overlord’s den If you are too weak the first stage on “normal” is suffucient. Once you are strong enough You want to work your way to Bigboy’s stages and do “normal”. You do not want to move onto hard/insane until you have fully fused modules/mythicals. The most Efficient Fuel>Gold conversion is completeing Bigboy in “insane” 20k per 14 fuel and an added bonus for 2 Epic/lengendary items.


there is a problem im trapped in the danger zone :sweat:
can you recommend any zone before danger zone 11

Anything on normal with gold rewards over 3,500 is good for me.

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Lost Valley Mission 8 on Normal then try Hard if normal is to easy.
Normal gives 4650 gold
and 1700 XP sometimes gives mix boxes.

Hard gives 6950 gold
and 2550 XP

Farm Frozen Abyss Mission 7
Hard 5750 gold 1800 XP
Insane 7650 gold 2400 XP

GOOD LUCK picking the crops…


Why farm ? im pretty sure using a credit card is a better way for getting items for boosts :wink:


In the zone you stuck in, you should farm the first mission of that zone till you can defeat the “normal” mission for the final stage and then “hard”.

Repeat this until you can move onto “normal” of the next zone.

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I’d go for mission 2 of whichever’ the last area you’re in. Tends to be the quickest, from my experience

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thanks :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Sorry for my bad joke bud


dont worry bud this is normal for me

Thanks very much @ReiMuBots

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if you need gold you can farm the 1-3th boss on insane. ( if you have a full legendary mech i recommend you to beat big boy on normal mode )

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Changed farming to give 0-1 bonus items at big boy mission. Classy

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i have a partial epic mech

what? can you explain yourself pls (english its not my native lengauge)

What he means is before the last boss gave 2 items but now they changed that to only 1.

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(censored) seriusly (censored) this is horrible who was the (censored spanish insult) that have this stupid idea well its official tacticsoft hates us and want our moneys (censored again)

they want us to grind even more or our money ._.
well… atleast we get a epic

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