Good day everyone!


Hey there! My name is Dizturb and I came back to the game after 2 years.

Back then I was called Ihaspie11, but I decided to start over and make a new fresh account. Named Dizturb.
As of now I am rank 16, and looking for people to play with.

Have a good day everyone!


Hi, nice to see you come back, do you mean a clan?


I wish i had my other account, but it is long gone


welcome back!..


Howdy! Welcome back to the game!


Welcome back, hope you enjoy all the new and “improved” changes in the game.


Welcome…Nice to meet you @Dizturb


Hello Dizturb. Welcome to the new forums and glad to see an old player return.


I currently created my own clan for newer players, so I am not looking for one atm


i hows it going welcome back