Good bye

Good Bye all. Hope you enjoy the game.

Why I am leaving? The reason is that I was dumb to share my account info. I requested to get my info from mods. That was a week ago. The account was linked to my FB account, now not reachable. The person was “power aka katie” stole my acct. Not sure if she/he took it. Yet that was the person that had the info. I asked for her account info, yet gave me false info. Power claims to be female, yet I believe power is male. Anyway, if you see my account active “JamAnime12” it’s not me. I’m actually glad that this happened. I was thinking of leaving, yet kept on coming back. That gave me the boost to actually leave and enjoy more. Why I’m barely posting is because I was on probation, until today. So, bye all.


hi @JamAnime12 you should not shared your acc info to others. but even then I will ask him. be patient

The Imp

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Sorry jamanime, I can’t help you. but I will kick her from my clan, maybe it will give you a little happiness. Sorry

The Imp

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‘’ The Imp " Thats quality lmfao

I am sorry to hear that. In game/s are many idiots who pretend to be friends and after to scamm you (or even bad…idk). Good that you tell us,then we know to who get rid.
Killa RxF (new(old) co-pilot. a.k.a Aspect (in the game).

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Hopefully this makes you feel a little bit better @JamAnime12 :smiley:

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Power or Tempest now in HTK.
Killymachine loves scammer

Please Lanny, stay straight as I know you :purple_heart:, Killy didnt invited Power / Tempest, blame @HappyPoppers, I am sure @HappyPoppers has no problem with it, since he takes this game as it must been taken now, as a great joke !


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Yep. Sounds good. Killy and tempest will work together scam other player. :grin:


“Post must be at least 20 characters”

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Post must be at least 20 characters


Post must be 20 characters

Lol, didn’t even know there is a post like this about the account. I gave the account away on Youtube. Katie didn’t need it so she gave it to me and I don’t really like to play the game since I got bored of it. It’s your fault that you gave the info to begin with. Don’t be complaining and most people that hang around Katie know that, she likes to play with people and is wicked. You guys do know that Katie and Power are 2 different people right? One act like a 16 yo boy and one act like a slutty girl. The account belongs to Power though, he just let Katie play with it. The link to the giveaway:

It’s easy to change the way you act through the internet. :slight_smile:

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For some who try to hide that they use more accounts not !