πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ Golden Year Portal πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰


:tada: Happy New Year :tada:

The Golden Year Portal is now OPEN! :fireworks:

Wishing you a fantastic 2018 from the whole Tacticsoft Team. :sparkles:


we wanted a unicorn portal fo new years damit.

not a portal that doesnt drop the coins because its R A N D O M


Man your portal cannot be played. You will crash with β€œSaving” right after starting the mission.

If you refresh, your get kicked out of the mission with your fuel gone.



get scamed nerd ahahhaha


Well thanks for the portal and happy new year too :wink:

Unfortunatly, this portal already make me lose 24 fuel, because i’m stuck with this saving thing that freeze my screen. And as fluxeon said, when you refresh, your fuel is gone.


Please can you check this :wink:


Definitely was fun, not too overly op like the previous one, not too weak. Thanks!


Same for me lollllll


oh dear… Golden Rear Portal failure.

Happy New Year to all.

David and The StuF have completed the research and we say:

This is no game, this is pain. No pain no gain? Maybe? No Pain no Game? No, no, no!

Make 1 resolution only - stop to play this E2E (expensive to enjoy) experiment!


@people that have lost fuel, that is a new feature the SM dev team has implemented. It makes your fuel disappear and freezes your game just because some people werent using all their fuel. It makes fuel worth more now. Have a great new year :slight_smile: and enjoy the update


You forgot to wish us all a β€œHappy Supermechs Day!” :slight_smile:


That was planned for our next big update. We were planning on wishing everyone a happy supermechs day after cutting all your unused tokens in half


We are looking into what is going on.
Thanks for reporting.


Thank you Sarah. We love you even when you lie to us. Because you’re basically our mome


Do you guys mind also looking into why you can’t β€œwatch a vid” to claim premium rewards in pvp, same applies for the 20% HP bonus in campaign.


The bug was found and fix.
Please refresh the game and check it out.
Happy New Year everyone :fireworks:


The fuel thing didn’t happen to me when I burned through all of the difficulties. :confused:


Not all players experienced it.
It has since been fixed!


Dunno about that statement. Refreshed and the issue still occurs. Pvp rewards still broken as well. lol


Thanks for the portal( It is easy even on hard and a lot of gold thanks)



illustration of the statement about the redundancy of fuel supply