Golden jackpot (almost)


Daily reward premium pack: supercharge protector
1k tokens:
PLATINUM PLATING (my first one!!!)
Energy engine
MPV (my first!)
Grim Cobra
Basalt Disolver

8 legends from 5 packs, really nice. To get full jackpot I need only The Claw :slight_smile:


Well done clanmate. :+1:


Congratulations getting a pp :slight_smile:


Hey, nice haul. That’ll make a difference in your pvp rank for sure.


That’s a really good bunch of items!
I will be expecting you in the arena soon enough,best of luck and make good use of them :smiley:


@L4K3 @magicmech20 @TheDoctor @DuduSantos I have maxed PP and HP bonus yesterday and now I’ll be spamming the arena like a real nerd. Rank 5 is from what I “start” so let’s see if I am good enough to reach rank 1


You can do it. I believe in you :boxing_glove:


Nice! Have fun grinding the new achievement.


I’m rank 6 atm with claw, if i get some pp by luck, man, things are going to go up XD


Do you have all items maxed?

If yes, you are missing tactics probably. Try packing claw+archi/zark+phys weapons+nice pack of energy modules and some heat ones

There you go, at least rank 5 maybe 4


I’ve got rank 3 with 1 star and got bored asf (today over 30 wins)

Now I am greedy, I want to see this monster with 4 PP

And yup, it is build I am currently using. Crushes most double heat builds almost 1vs2 :slight_smile:


I still need to find one spartan and get one multi res l-m, then my second mech will be better…And oh, i need to myth my weapons and modules… i just finished upgrading my energy, and then i got claw, just when i was fully mything my rolling beasts… oh well, pacience, lets get to upgrade this guy…


Oh boi, without maxing items you shouldn’t rly care about actual rank. Max them amd then you will see :wink:


I’m getting to rank 6 without claw, now with such thing… let see if i get to 5 :smiley:


Your res grr…


Ditch the heat res for a plate and drop a heat engine for a cooling booster to make it fit.


Yeah should work
Also it is important to remember mythical heat engine/unit/cooldown is always better than epic protector