Golden Boxes Are Coming For you


Hello Guys:How About This, We Can Have 2 mythicals boxes 45% For The Player Who dont really like those account
this can make then happy and play alot in super mechs

Just asking:Can they be the there at the 1 june!!


i would prefer to have a selective mythical box because with my luck i dont have what i want
I mean i like my mech but its like having just 1 mech on my acc
thats why i want them put the exchange but i dont understand why people say that would be a lot of farming accs if you cant get more than you have and also you can only use 3 mechs max wich means, if there wasnt a weight limit a max of 19 mythicals for mech, 57 in total, i mean i would be more than happy just with exchange 10 items on my acc but anyway my luck on games always is the worst