Gold rush portal

something is wrong with new portal. After 3 first battles it give me on my phone only 7400 coins… BB inasane is better!!!


What’s happens??

the whole campaign, on PC is down!
this is BB mission

just now.
@Mohadib, @Sarah247

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@El_Metre sent you a message. Please let me check.
We are checking this out now.


Sent it to the team.


hi sarah… Gold rush is wrong too… I made more than 10 insane gold rush. After the 3 first only 1 give me 28500 coins… Others give 9400 coins.

this is right?

Finally my experience with the portal was:

  1. I did the first 3 missions (normal, hard and insane) and got 45 tokens and more than 100,000 coins.

  2. From there I did 10 or 15 more missions in insane mode and each of them gave me 9,650 coins, except 2 that gave me a little more than 28,000 coins.

Conclusion: BB insane mode gives more coins. And … it seems to me that there was a bug or something that was not right.

Yesterday I got the level perfectly


What was perfectly? How many coins would it have to give in insane mode?

ami gave me between 50,000 to 60,000 in insane mode was productive day


Then… definitely with me there was something wrong. It gave me 9650 in each insane mission, and on 2 occasions it gave me 28,000 and something else.

friend with that I could increase the life of my nightmare mech although it hurt me to spend so much I could also increase one of my four nightfall

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oh and another thing I’m sending the voice to everyone about my new story that I’m grabbing since I took 2 weeks of super mechs :slight_smile: it comes out in a week

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Then I will take a survey but I will delay because I will throw my story in parts

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ah open game characters can be yourself the one in my story that will be the fun of my story

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I hope you put me on the good team …

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You know I will not give more details than my subject

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