Gold rush! LIVE NOW


@Sarah247 Put me on the news!


This a troll topic or is this an actual thing?
Cuz I don’t see any pictures.
If it is a troll topic…
You will pay,




Remember that i’m fast af boi.

Anyways…i keped some fuels…lucky me.


I’m finished with portal alredy.

I don’t know if i should farm in portal…


shit I used my fuel :frowning:


a portal is live enery single monday at around noon GMT


you have won a lot SM ?

me no many 9700 and 3x 28k


I feel you boss.


The first time you do all 3 modes, it gives you good gold … next one gives you little (eg 9700) … but if you let some hours pass (at least 10 hours) it give a lot again (as the first time)… at least that’s what happens to me.


i have 2 million sm and portal the balance i win less but the a little better tonight
can be, I’m wrong
1 morning and 1 tonight, premium box = 2 epic pff


So maybe what you need is 1 good item to max. … This is happening to me right now, I’m maxing out items that I’m sure I’ll never use …

I got almost 15 legendary ones on the portal and a lot of epics … but nothing that is worth maxing. However, I´ve to do it so that the inventory is not filled and to fulfill the daily tasks.

Every time I do it, every time I waste resources (coins and little ítems), on items that don´t interest me, I feel disappointed.


me, rather the opposite always full item so I have to make legendary but is very expensive and is long
I have to be careful SM reserve and item limited , it goes very quickly
5 legendary mythical finally this thing very painful

before was well mytical max change another weapon


I haven´t got a bon article for weeks, it’s the truth.


I got and burned approx 1 mil gold.


Who feel need to write info about happening something, that happens every monday XD :interrobang: