Gold Portal y u no give gold?

So, farmed this portal like so many times, most I got was 28k on insane mode. What does everyone else get?

Also, does it give this reward only once or can it give again?

It’s just RNG. You can run insane mode as many times as you wish and if you’re lucky. You’ll end up with either, 28k, 32k, 61k, 63k (if I recall I forgot if those last two were accurate). Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


So is the minimum guaranteed amount the figure they give you at start screen?

It gives maximum output for the first time finished,then the RNG decides,as far as I’m concerned.


Btw,yes,they are accurate.
Between 28-something and 63,728(the highest amount ever reported on any gold portal,also the amount I got on the first trial on 2 different portals,insane difficulty).
So you’d get somewhere between 63k and 63,728 the first time.

If anyone gets a higher amount,please report.I keep track of all these things.

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Would be nice if they doubled it for the day tbh. Would definitely be farming this more

İ just keep getting 9700…


On insane difficulty?

yes… poor me needs gold :frowning:

You got more on your 1st completition,right?

First run is usually the best. I tend to wait an hour or more after finishing it. Just because I feel like it helps my RNG (or my karma idk).


That yes. No problem on that end…

LOL I only got 28k on insane. Poor me!

So I refueled and did three runs in a row (forgot to get the first screenie). But it looks like I got 28k in a row three times.

(Also for anyone that asks, the full HP at the end of the last one is from having been lucky enough to get two HP kits.)

Why do I keep getting in the news that there is a gold portal while its over for days? Come on TS.