Gold Portal now LIVE!


Come get your 150k Coins and 45 tokens .

Portal can be found in silent waters.



You are late to the party my man


shhh , gotta get the views


I actually thought you might say something like that :joy:


  1. you are late Gold portal is LIVE (09.04)
  2. the title is not in format


I dibs next week :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Are you kidding me. I just saw that notification and I thought it was still the same portal since last time OMG FUQ MY LIFE AND BRAIN IF I AM DUMB AND I THINK I JUST GOT CLICK BAITED.


Im sorry i have no words…


Tired of getting only 9700s at these.
So long for the “gold rush” :disappointed_relieved: