Gold Portal live! (Golden Reef)


dang boss. Did u get the tolkens from the raid?


150 from the raid 45 from the portal
(let’s just talk on topic if u want to talk with me message me cuz @Elcent just talked to me about that)


but it hasn’t any legendary item drop rate. Or it has a really low chance.

and if we playing to farm golds. does it worth play portal map at insane mode or is it better play 6/7th map at final world( big boy’s world) ??


This gold 3-4 months, without lv up gold.
I wonder you didn’t used this gold.

I upgrade my mech immediately.


i spent like 3-4 m so this is not relly what u get from playing that mission for 5-6 months


add like 3.5 m to what i have


plz again any one who will talk to me off topic message me cuz @Elcent talked with me about that


Gold Portal, OD 6.
It’s one bullshit.

Only on hard Gold i receive 14k almost everytime,
and in OD6 i receive box with 40-50% chance.

…Box with commons and maybe 1 rare.


wtf so gold portals r better in hard ??
i always play it at insane
on insane it gives u 9700
some times maybe 5% it gives u 28 k i think but always 14k and less fuel to use i think hard maybe better
by the way i never got a box from a gold portal so i think they just made it like this


if a item portal came after this gold portal i will be so mad cuz i will spend all my fuel in this gold portal


But fuel regenerates? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


i mean it won’t be full i will have 0 fuel so i will have to ref with 30 tokens from the start


WTF i mean :

From hard… how ?

(i know F.Box, but still from hard ?)


You can’t.
When a box would “normally” droped, you get more cash in GP. (2 x normal amount[no box])

When you would get fortune box, you get 60k gold :slight_smile:

Only few people get oft 28k from insane.
And i get 14k from hard with 70-90% chance (it differs).


ammm wtf how r u sure from hard ?


they should make it when u get the 9700 u get a box and the 67000 no box
not 67000 with box that is too much


first run at hard -_-


Ha ha ha cuz i made it XD ?
Second and solid proof is number in left bottom corner 7450 gold

you become such amount of gold on hard :smiley:


Bullshit is at least second.
For first you get everytime around 28k


Finally more gold fore arena…
I make arena now intensive,

finally will have reasonable gold from it.