Gold Portal live! (Golden Reef)


you will get it, not on the second time…not mostly, its like eg- do u get legend everytime u farm the item portal?
its just the same :smiley:
good luck :smiley:


Lol my chances to get a legend from mix box is 0.01


platinium plating coming sooooon :smiley:


what ever…do u think i need u portal ?


Jesus fuqing christ.

Don’t tell me that you’re a p2p


i just farmed those didn’t pay any tokens or money :slight_smile:


Thank you lord.


by the way what p2p mean ?
pay to play ?


That’s the awnser


answer*, correction from me :smiley:




@Jenishrunner Hey! I haven’t seen you on the forums yet, but based on the way you give information to others, it seems like you’ve been playing the game for a while. If you’re an OG of the game, but new to the forums, Welcome!


i think i saw him before i just think not 100%


thank you very much, i have been playing this game for almost a year :smiley:
yes, new to the forums :smiley:


so i was thinking wrong k welcome the forums buddy :slight_smile:


thx bro :smiley::smiley:


np :slight_smile:
20 chars


Nice gold, are you a p2w player?


nope got those by my hand


farming mission 6 on over lord’s den for 5-6 months can make u this or maybe even more :smiley: