Gold Portal live! (Golden Reef)


Gold Portal is live! Golden Reef! Find the portal on your campaign map!

@sarah247 neeeeews


Come on!
Just after I spend all my fuel…


Tbh, this never happened to me. Also, you have 23 hours, there isn’t any need to worry.


Thank you @Sarah247 :grin:


Oh i got some free tokens,
now i’m ready for Ip :slight_smile:


thanks for the free 45 tokens now there is 800 tokens waiting for the next item portal :slight_smile:


I acctualy lost my fuel.

You’re not alone Lake.


i didn’t have close to full fuel either :expressionless::expressionless:


Don’t mind but if u farm gold portals on insane u can get more gold in less fuel than big boy




Coooool …

:yellow_heart: Gold Portal :yellow_heart:




First time beating this portal on insane.
It gave 63k coins.



Insane always gives you 63k gold (in first time)


If you play it again,it will give you same amount of gold?


this portal came early today than usual :smiley:



Sorry for blur (20char)


keep farming, its luck, just like legend from item portal, if u are lucky, u will get 60,000+ gold again :smiley:
good luck


69k =)
or 63k as in first time :sunglasses:




nah only one first time I won it I played again and it wasted my fuel