Gold portal live! 28.05


Come take your gold and 45 free tokens!


I new it would have came and my computer was overheated like my mech so I was not online


I was expecting later.


Used all fuel already?


O sht wait.
16 fuels.
I might PUMP this up.





I had to wait after playing big boy before so I had 27when I came



this is in insane no tokens got wasted




I used nightfall after that that did like 253 damage and cyber goat died


Cyber Goat is pretty boring, we need 2v2 campaign MOLOTOV!โ€ฆ Or Bigboy.


You should add a crate to your gold portals.


Excuse me, wtf. This is the old one???

wtf how do you mistake this one (thatโ€™s been almost a month old) for the new one that was made just yesterday?